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2020 global oil and gas buyer meeting and Exhibition - Russia special session

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===The following information is translated by computer, please contact the publisher===In 2020, the global oil and gas buyers' meeting and Exhibition - Russia special session, the precise matching of oil supply and production has been launched in all aspects, early registration, early docking and precise matching; the most favorable thing is to improve the exposure rate of enterprises in the Russian oil market. From advertisement to cognition, the service of China CHUANGYOU oil union has only the beginning, not the end & hellip; & hellip;

21 / F, block D, Victoria building, East Yanjiao, Beijing
23 / F, block B, Wanhai Jindi building, qianfushan Road, Dongying City
Floor 4, Shuangqi building materials, No. 293, Huabei Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian
Tel: 400-666-3998 email: info@cieoge.com

Name Ground point Time interval
The 6th Global Oil and gas equipment buyer meeting and Exhibition— special session in Russia Moscow, Russia June 23-25, 2020
7th Global Oil and gas equipment buyer meeting and Exhibition— Central Asia Almaty, Kazakhstan August 4-06, 2020
The 8th global oil and gas equipment buyer meeting and Exhibition&mdashSoutheast Asia Jakarta, Indonesia September 15-17, 2020
9th global oil and gas equipment buyer meeting and Exhibition— special session in the Middle East Abu Dhabi, UAE November 3-5, 2020

China CHUANGYOU Union (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China CHUANGYOU Union) was established in 2017. The core team members are all from the petroleum and petrochemical foreign trade and Exhibition specialty, with more than 15 years of rich experience in overseas market development in the field of petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment.
By the beginning of 2019, it has provided professional basic oil exhibition services and a series of accurate and in-depth services such as buyer visiting group, buyer meeting and foreign trade Butler for more than 5000 oil and petrochemical material and equipment manufacturers in China. On the basis of digging into the market demand of the industry, China CHUANGYOU oil union adheres to & ldquo; your exhibition effect, which is our only service standard & rdquo; As the core service concept, through the integration of core resources such as the organizers of the global petroleum and petrochemical exhibition, industry associations, third-party overseas bidding platform, big data of buyers, well-known oil service companies, upstream and downstream EPC contractors, we will provide one-stop deep vertical and accurate matchmaking and docking services for the whole industrial chain enterprises of petroleum and petrochemical equipment to expand the overseas market.
In the development of overseas market in 2019, China Chuang oil union has built the ogmtb Oman 2019, ogvtb Indonesia 2019, adipec 2019 and other boutique projects, which have been highly praised by all participants and won overseas orders for several enterprises. Under the guideline of &ldquo, &rdquo, development plan and the adjustment of supply side structure of the State Council, the China Petroleum and Oil Corporation is keeping pace with the times. With the spirit of innovation, more and more high quality Chinese production enterprises are going abroad to promote the world.
At the same time of the development of the Internet, China CHUANGYOU oil union actively responded to the call of the state. While its offline business was booming, it simultaneously developed its online business and built the world's first one-stop comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service platform integrating trade, information matching, supply chain finance, insurance, intelligent logistics, overseas warehousing, petroleum and petrochemical industry park and other functions; Oil gas connection;. Thoroughly break through all kinds of online and offline barriers, solve all kinds of pain points of cross-border trade of enterprises, and find solutions with controllable risks for enterprises to build warehouses and factories overseas. The advanced VR, AR, Internet of things, 3D printing, cloud computing and other methods are applied to make full use of the & ldquo; oil and gas communication & rdquo; platform to help enterprises make rapid progress towards industrial interconnection and industrial 4.0.

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