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Lantern, lantern lantern
  • Lantern, lantern lantern
  • Adhesive material type: glass category: ceramic adhesive brand: 2 tensile strength: 1 MPa shear strength: 1 MPa using the temperature range: 1 CAS:1 please contact the supplier directly. Or
  • 2015-11-12 08:20  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  • Zhengzhou red lantern culture Co., Ltd.  [UnVerified] [unregistered]
Manufacturers wholesale supply APET adhesive |APET adhesive
Composite wear-resistant liner tube
  • Composite wear-resistant liner tube
  • Measurement unit: ton shearing strength: consulting MPa tensile strength: consulting MPa categories: consulting CAS: 1. Adhesive type material: Rubber brand: Guorun pipe industry brand operating temperature range: consulting
  • 2015-11-12 08:20  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  • Luoyang Guorun Pipe Industry Co Ltd  [UnVerified] [unregistered]
Gypsum board, ceramic tile, mosaic adhesive
Friends can move the glue, N glue can be removed, repeat the use of trademark stickers can be remove
Black Pegasus Pegasus [] new oil and turpentine turpentine manufacturers listed! Lead
Strong water - based adhesive - water - silk screen printing is not dry glue strong adhesive oil adh
Nano silver wound paste 9*25
  • Nano silver wound paste 9*25
  • Packaging specifications: shear strength: 1 MPa tensile strength: 1 MPa categories: phosphate adhesive CAS: 1. Adhesive material type: Medical brand: Hunan Anson use temperature range: 1 DEG C
  • 2015-11-12 08:15  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  • Hunan Anxin medical polymer Co. Ltd.  [UnVerified] [unregistered]
Shenzhen manufacturers to promote the strong sticky water is not dry glue, strong sticky oil adhesiv
High quality enamel adhesive
Dezhou Ding Tai New Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. all kinds of methanol content, methanol, methanol
American CRC03017 adhesive agent China regional gasket softener
Yilong adhesive instant adhesive
The wind power cabin cover special glue,
Anti silver assistant _1 (bargaining) free of charge
Hunan fireworks fireworks barrel roll paper tube glue powder
A large number of high-quality brand Huiquan honeycomb paperboard special powder (for adhesion of pa
No cement casting binder
  • No cement casting binder
  • Models: - measuring unit: ton shearing strength: - MPa tensile strength: - MPa categories: silicate adhesive CAS:- adhesive type of material: other material brand: Ruifeng use temperature range
  • 2015-11-12 08:13  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   淄博市临淄瑞丰化工厂  [UnVerified]
Kunshan 3M67, Zhejiang 3M77, Dalian glue spraying 3M75 glue, 3M glue Wuhan
Le Tai 326
  • Le Tai 326
  • Note: - index: - the implementation of standards: - air tightness: tensile strength: - MPa shear strength: - packaging and storage: - use temperature range (c): brand -CAS:-: Loctite Locti
  • 2015-11-12 08:16  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  • Yantai thebond Chemical Co. Ltd.  [UnVerified] [unregistered]
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