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Power plant using LR anti-corona varnish 130
Power plant using epoxy air-dry varnish 1504

The ant is chemical acetone
  • The ant is chemical acetone
  • Shelf life: to inquire function: pigment technology parameters: telephone counseling appearance: to inquire the color: telephone consultation application scope: Tel months brand: ant single net weight:
  • 2016-04-05 09:53  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  • Weihai golden ants Chemical Co. Ltd.  [UnVerified] [unregistered]

Qujing, Yunnan Dali, Honghe Banna Baoshan Simao, Lincang anticorrosive epoxy coating Hongdan heavy

(supply) epoxy phenolic anticorrosive epoxy topcoat oil resistance anticorrosive paint oil equipmen
$4.92/kg .
MOQ-24kg .

Lighthouse beacon paint epoxy enamel oil equipment
$16.33/kg .
MOQ-20kg .
Chiry brand paints of epoxy-furan epoxy furan resin paint
Epoxy-furan anticorrosive paint
Insulation coating technology highlights ++ synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and insulation coati
$80.00/Set (three
MOQ-1Set (three
Medical device manufacturing equipment medical devices
Zhongtian Technology of offshore wind farm Heavy-duty paint _ Shanghai wind wind power equipment and
Surface spraying zinc treatment of wind energy equipment
Wholesale O10 orange oily color, water oil amphoteric color water color
Hubei Wuhan lion mountain factory direct supply epoxy zinc chromate primer
$3.50/kg .
MOQ-100kg .
Manufacturers selling high quality epoxy zinc chromate paint []
Imported natural incense incense resin material, resin,
The wholesale supply of imported raw natural resins, incense, incense resin, manufacturers welcome t
Skinning agent, butanone oxime, methyl ethyl ketone oxime - Xian Lin 99.9%
Epoxy paint
  • Epoxy paint
  • Packaging specifications: 20kg/ barrel shelf life: 12 months of drying time: 2-24 type: epoxy anticorrosive paint water resistance: a week of no change color: various uses: pipeline anticorrosive paint brand: medium Kang
  • 2016-01-15 11:12  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   中康泰博(天津)防腐涂料有限公司  [UnVerified]
$4.67/kg .
MOQ-0kg .
Jian Jie 25KG pregelatinized starch cassava modified starch a starch in starch industry
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