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Hot Chamber Servo three-axis spraying machine

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Unit Price: 4285.70USD/pieces
Min_QTY: 1000 pieces
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Location: Global Asia China
Available: Long-term effectiveness
Last update: 2020-04-22 13:18
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Product Features 1, take-up, spray integration, installed to the top of the machine, save the space around the machine; 2, the Oblique Guide Column Mold Does Not Affect The production take-up; 3, spray spray effect is good, more suitable for zinc, magnesium alloy products; 4. Accurate clamping position, adjustable clamping diameter; 5. servo motor driven, controlled by synchronous belt, stable operation and high speed; 6. Improve production efficiency, replace labor, save management cost and labor cost, reduce customer purchase cost;

Specification / MODEL: LSBSZ-02 LSBSZ-04 HOT CHAMBER DIE-CASTING MACHINE: 60 ~ 200T 280 ~ 400T nozzle quantity: 46pcsx axis stroke: 1200mm 1200mm my axis stroke: 650mm 650mmZ axis stroke: 1100 ~ 1500mm 1300 ~ 1800mmMoving speed: 1.5 Ms 1.5 MS Compressed air pressure: 5 BAR 5BAR stripper pressure: 4 Bar 4bar air consumption: 0.3 M3 Min 0.4 M3 power capacity: 220V3.0 Kva 220v4.0 KVA cycle beat: 10sec 12sec machine weight (approx.) : 300kg 380kg stationary: seat head plate

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Hot Chamber Servo three-axis spraying machine
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