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Potato set 6S select fresh potatoes strictly

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brand: Potatoes
Unit Price: 530.00USD/ton
Min_QTY: 28 ton
Delivery: After payment in 3 days Ship out
Location: Global Asia China
Available: Long-term effectiveness
Last update: 2020-04-21 14:26
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Detailed description
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Selling Price:A potato weighs 75g to 150g in a 2.5 kg carton at $530 per ton and a potato weighs 150g to 250g in a 10kg carton at $800 per ton

Specifications:Minimum Order quantity 28 tons (75g to 150g, packed in 2.5 kg carton, 150g to 250g, packed in 10kg carton, 28 tons for two specifications)

Selling Point:Through 6S strict selection system, the company strictly controls the product quality from the beginning of planting, and continuously provides high-quality, safe and delicious potatoes to consumers, the product features "uniform size","uniform color" and "uniform cleanliness" , and can meet a variety of cooking needs of consumers.In order to ensure "every consumer to eat a safe and delicious potato" , the company initiated a 6s strict selection system for high-quality potatoes to provide an important guarantee of continuous output. First, the strict selection of land, strict control of six major professional planting plate, 23,000 acres of strict selection base for potato growth to provide high-quality soil. Secondly, selecting seed tubers strictly, introducing and cultivating high-quality seed tubers from Holland, fusing them with variety technology, and realizing high-quality virus-free potato production. Third, strict selection of cultivation, application of AI technology for field management, Uavs Directional Management, science and technology protection to ensure strict selection of harvesting. Fourth, strict selection of storage, the use of imported Dutch air-conditioned storage technology, automatic cleaning separation production system, presenting a safe and beautiful products. Fifth, strict selection of grade, the use of advanced Danish equipment, control high-quality potato output. Sixth, strict selection of packaging, strict selection of export-grade food packaging, with international certification standards manufacturing, environmental protection, beautiful, bring a new shopping experience.

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Chinese high quality potato Potato set 6S strict selection potato wholesale Potato set 6S select fresh potatoes strictly
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