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Ch211l medium temperature retarder

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brand: ATAMAN
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Location: Global Asia China
Available: Long-term effectiveness
Last update: 2019-11-28 09:18
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Ch211l medium temperature retarder


Ch211l has little effect on other properties of cement paste.

Ch211l includes standard ch211l and antifreeze ch211l-a.

Ch211l is only suitable for water distribution. There is no special requirement for the quality of slurry preparation.

Particular attention

UseWhen the curing temperature of ch211l cement slurry system is lower than the circulating temperature, it has certain influence on the development of compressive strength.

When ch211l is applied above 100 ℃, the dosage will increase significantly.

Physicochemical indexes



Density g/cm3

Freezing point ℃

Ch211l standard

colorless liquid



Ch211l-a antifreeze type

colorless liquid



Cement slurry performance


Technical index

Thickening time


Initial consistency BC


40Bc-100BcThickening time min


Compressive strength Mpa


Standard formula: 700g class G cement (high sulfur resistance), 308G mixed water, 2.1g ch211l medium temperature retarder.

Application scope

Temperature: generally55-110℃(BHCT)。

Dosage: generally0.2-3.0%(BWOC)。


Ch211l is packed in 20kg, 25kg or 5-gallon plastic barrels or according to customer requirements.

contact supplier or email to admin@b2bgood.com for purchase help

contact supplier or email to admin@b2bgood.com for purchase help
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