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Odor insoles increase massage natural antimicrobial agents
Odor insoles increase massage natural antibacterial and deodorizing
Ne*xt Mens children wave fleece hat hair ball cap gloves two piece suit
Knitted scarf / Scarf / children's embroidered cloth embroidered blankets acrylic scarf
Ladies coat double wool fabrics
  • Ladies coat double wool fabrics
  • Width 150cm ingredients: 80 wool double? Specifications: 720g/m composition and content: 80 hair 20 nylon grams of weight: 480 g / square meters of textile technology of carded main uses: Women's T-shirt weight: 72
  • 2015-08-18 21:36  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   Jiangsu Yongkun Wool Company Limited  [UnVerified]
High temperature resistant leather ironing machine Mao Zhantao blanket with Mao Zhandai blanket blan
$46.67/Square met
MOQ-0Square met
[] head insulation cotton felt Yu Cheng felt cold warm cold felt felt tent agricultural breeding she
This factory production of insulation insulation cotton felt cold felt tent cloth felt felt cold agr
Industrial felt
  • Industrial felt
  • 0.05-80mm main uses: mechanical and electrical machinery, mining and metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, leather, thickness Machinery Co., nangong city width: according to the desired density: 100 ingredients: wool brand: Longfa please
  • 2015-08-06 00:12  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   Nangong Longfa felt products factory  [UnVerified]
$5.00/Square met
MOQ-100Square met
Mao Zhantong
  • Mao Zhantong
  • Main applications: the product is mainly used for textile and leather machinery stainless steel strip thickness: 4--20 (mm) origin, nangong city Huatai blankets factory width: 400--3000 mm ingredients: 100% Australian fine
  • 2015-08-06 00:07  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   Nangong Huatai blankets factory  [UnVerified]
Textile printing textile leather fabric leather fabric transfer printing PVC leather fabric
$16.67/Square met
MOQ-100Square met
Textile and leather processing, leather processing, leather, printing and processing
$16.67/Square met
MOQ-100Square met
Bag leather fabric, leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, leather,
$16.67/Square met
MOQ-100Square met
Straight group activities Home Furnishing felt coasters insulation cushion mat anti hot bowl pad wit
[Mao Zhanbao] felt bag fashion change craft gift package felt 15227604705 shock insulation blankets
A new constant 030 craft gift industry felt, felt, can be customized
Supplies wholesale Fuk stereo special
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