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Large supply of high quality service D 98.5 sodium fluorosilicate in Hubei
Sodium fluosilicate in Yunnan cloud day bag of sodium fluosilicate in Suzhou
Factory direct float glass, float glass
  • Factory direct float glass, float glass
  • Brand: Yiwu strong front glass glass melting point: 800 (c) purity: 99 (%) Mohs hardness: 7 density: 0.28 (g/cm3) heat resistance: 1000 thickness: 1.5-3.8 (mm).
  • 2015-12-18 00:14  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   程锋  [UnVerified]
$2.78/Square met
MOQ-500Square met
Shahe glass factory float glass wholesale glass pane glass
$0.17/Square met
MOQ-1000Square met
Original piece of glass
  • Original piece of glass
  • Brand: safety glass melting point: High Purity: 95 (c) (%) Mohs hardness: 7 density: 2.5 (g/cm3): good heat resistance thickness: 3.5-12 (mm) features: good quality quality
  • 2015-12-18 00:05  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   宋聚科  [UnVerified]
$3.00/Square met
MOQ-1000Square met
High quality float glass, color glass, glass
4mm F high quality light green, green, green float glass sheets in Europe
$3.00/Square met
MOQ-300Square met
Direct manufacturers of high-quality float glass raw gold brown
$3.72/Square met
MOQ-2000Square met
Manufacturers selling LAN-STAR glasses ashlander
$3.83/Square met
MOQ-100Square met
Factory direct sales 4, 5, 6, 8 deep gray of the original piece of glass, all kinds of glass
$2.67/Square met
MOQ-1Square met
Manufacturer 10mm Brown float original glass, colored glass quality
$7.17/Square met
MOQ-500Square met
Tsuto www.shyosdy.com 1.3mm lattice method the original glass volume discount
$0.64/Square met
MOQ-5000Square met
20152020 years of China's original glass industry analysis and investment outlook forecast report
Zhengzhou factory direct sales of raw glass production of glass, high transparency
$2.00/Square met
MOQ-500Square met
1.5mm toughened glass, glass, glass
  • 1.5mm toughened glass, glass, glass
  • Processing trade form: production of toughened glass lens processing capacity: 100000 main processing equipment: glass cutting equipment quantity: 50 please contact the supplier directly. Or apply for purchasing agent ad
  • 2015-12-18 00:12  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   李城平  [UnVerified]
Original piece of glass
  • Original piece of glass
  • Brand: NT material: float glass production process: cutting processing custom: categories: surface process glass: put other forms: Decoration packaging: wooden packaging specifications: according to customer requirements.
  • 2015-12-18 00:07  [GlobalAsiaChina]
  •   广州南天玻璃镜业有限公司  [UnVerified]
Feasibility study report of the original piece of glass (15923205300)
Manufacturers for float glass glass
$1.42/Square met
MOQ-1000Square met
Original piece of glass companies can apply for the certification of which honors
2015 China Glass Industry Data Monitoring Research Report
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