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woman Cashmere coat

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Italian Lehman clothing


Brand origin


World-class master design, excellence in production, just to show you exquisite style, factory direct sales, welcome to buy

In 1985, Professor Harold Croto and Robert Cole and Charlie Smalley were in a space

In the carbon molecule experiment, a new structure of carbon was accidentally discovered, which is a hollow cage composed of more than 60 carbon atoms. its

The molecular model is very similar to football, so C60 is also known as football.

Prior to this, the academic community recognized that carbon exists in only two forms - diamond and graphite. The discovery of the C60 revolutionized

Open up research on carbon molecules and open up new areas of chemical research. Professor Harold Crowto and Robert Cole and Cha

The three scientists, Reed Smolly, also won the 1996 Nobel Prize for discovering the C60. The C60 has a super stable structure.

With ultra-light, anti-radiation and chemical resistance, it has revolutionary effects on electronics, plastics production and cancer treatment.

Gene inheritance


Kunshan Yangyang Garment Co., Ltd. adheres to the C60's stable and unreserved spirit of “single quality” and is committed to fleece.

The research and development of coats, excellence, simple things, do great things, use simple ideas, inherit the style of permanence!

C&60 is dedicated to your beauty! To provide you with the most fashionable style, the most comfortable fabric, the most suitable tailoring,

The best quality. Your beauty, things C&60 eternal pursuit!

Established in 2001, Yangyang Garment Co., Ltd. is one of the domestically-qualified two-sided handmade cashmere processing plants.

Many first-line women's (men's) brands are processed and branded. We currently have three factories, each of which is located in Taicang.

Garment Factory, Kunshan Yangyang Garment Factory and Tianyang Garment Factory. Our factory is located in Yangcheng Lake Nature Reserve, Bacheng, Kunshan.

The company invested 30 million yuan and purchased 7 domestic and international advanced equipment. We have decades of production in the double-faced cashmere coat.

Experience, both formal and traditional in the manual method. The factory has 400 skilled craftsmen and senior hand-stitching masters.

1000 people, the combination of personnel and equipment has reached the ratio of professional production of double-faced velvet clothing, with a daily output of 2,000 pieces.

Our management cadres, technicians and all employees work on each hand (sewn) cashmere coat, every industrial city, every

The standard requirements of each post and every detail are well-established. Our company's fabrics are available in a variety of styles, 100% Australia

Wool, alpaca, 100% cashmere, various cashmere fabrics, etc., no matter the feel, texture and touch, you will love

Do not let go. We also welcome more excellent companies and individuals to cooperate with us in the future.

contact supplier or email to admin@b2bgood.com for purchase help
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